Learn by doing - build a verifiable credentials use case

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Session Introduction

Here is a recorded version of the introduction to the session:


1. Download Digital Wallet

<aside> 💡 To get started with verifiable credentials, you'll need a digital wallet. We recommend the Trinsic Wallet 😊. The Lissi, esatus, ConnectMe, and IdRamp wallets should also work. Scan the QR below or go to the app store with the link for your OS.


For iOS


‎Streetcred Identity Wallet

For Android


Streetcred Identity Wallet - Apps on Google Play

2. Get Started with Trinsic

<aside> 💡 Click the link below or click here.


Trinsic Studio

  1. Enter a valid name & email
  2. Agree to the legal stuff & sign up for our newsletter (it's great content, promise!)
  3. Click "Sign up with Credential"


3. Start issuing & verifying credentials!

✨ If you have a use case,

You should build a small proof-of-concept for your use case! Follow the steps below and let us know if you have any questions.

  1. Define the use case. Who is the issuer? Who is the verifier? What kinds of credentials are they exchanging?
  2. Create an organization for each issuer and/or verifier.
  3. Create credential templates for any credentials you want to issue and verification templates for things you want to verify.
  4. Start exchanging credentials to see how it works! To take it a step further, use the API or build off one of our reference apps

🤷 If you're just exploring,

Here are some places to start:

  1. Get your IIW credential in your wallet. Find the email from [email protected].
  2. Try our tutorial to follow 'Alice' along her journey to graduate college and apply for a job. In the tutorial, you'll
  3. Check out our demo room throughout the conference where we'll show how to integrate SSI into the applications you use every day.

What's next?

Join the Trinsic Community on Slack

Join Trinsic Community on Slack